We are the top PCB manufactory in China
We provide excellent quality HDI PCB and Special PCB

SiYi HDI fab house is founded in 2000, which belong to SiYi PCB group, located in Shenzhen China. SiYi HDI specialize in and only manufacturing HDI PCB and Special PCB, also provide quick-turn service for small QTY PCB, so far the company has become the top leader of HDI field in China. We also established Huizhou factory which mainly fabricate the normal PCB and large QTY PCB, this factory help to provide most competetive price to our clients.

Why choice us?

1, Our factory has passed the US UL product safety certificate and got certifications of ISO9001-2008, TS16949 and RoHS.

2, Research and Development

We have invested a lot of manpower and material resources for the continuous research and development of the production of thick copper plates and gold plates. Now we have capable of producing 20 OZ thick copper plates, 150U “electric thick gold plates and 10U” ENIG. Based on the excellent manufacturing capabilities, our products are quite competitive in the industry.

3, Scientific management systems and Good experience technical staff

We have established standardized and scientific management systems for market development,  project assessment, process control, quality assurance and post-service control, this could ensure our final product is very good. Also we have cultivated a professional technical team for the production of HDI field. Lamination, drilling, ENIG, plating gold, and Gold-finger  were led by key technical staff with years of working experience, therefore, the quality is stable and reliable.

4,  Raw materials

All of our raw materials are provided by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers like Isola, ITEQ, Shengyi, Rohm Haas, Hitachi and Sun, which have greatly enhanced the manufacturing capabilities of PCB and enable the company to possess the leading capability of processing in the industry.

Our goal is help the customers to earn more business and move forward together to enlarge in the market.